mini pocket and it's quail

I was cutting out a pattern for something else when this pocket appeared from the scraps.  It had such a cute shape that I just had to whip it up.  The mini pocket on the front was still calling out for something though, so I

found a picture waiting in my head to come out…the little quail.  I think he has a bit more attitude than I thought he did before I drew him though.

My dad used to have a little quail (later he thought it may have been a grouse, they look like twins) that followed him around through his orchards.  Dad would dig around the roots of the trees to add gypsum to enrich the soil.  While he did this, the quail would watch from a hidden vantage point until he could no longer contain himself.  Suddenly, he would dart from cover and viciously attack the "evil shovel", clucking and ruffling his feathers.  Dad would jump back, surprised, and then realizing that it was "his" little quail, set the menacing iron aside until the little creature settled down. 

We never figured out whether the little one thought that the tree was being harmed or the action of the shovel itself was just too nervewracking, but the quail made his wishes known when Dad worked in the orchard.


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