turtle (baby)

"Is he a boy or a girl?"

"Um, I think it's a boy."

"But he has pink spots on his shell.  Oh, he must be a baby.  He's a baby."

"Um, yes.  I need the red to do his shadow.  Should I change some of his pinks to red's?"

"Yes, but not too many, he's a baby."


"Yes.  Three."

"I'll do one in purple too.  How's that?"

"Only one.  He's going to walk into the water."

"Oh.  Okay.  So he's going to be at the beach?"

"Yes.  You need to color the sky too, mommy.  It's going to be sunny."

Introducing, the turtle (baby) at the beach.  He's on the front of my newest gift bag.

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1 Response to turtle (baby)

  1. SO CUTE! FYI – Over the past year and a half at our shop, we can't get shoppers to buy anything for a baby boy or boy that has "girl" colors in it. They're crazy particular and it's stopped a few otherwise would-be sales. Might be helpful info as you design. Blessings! -K

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