Full Moon

It was a lovely night.  Strains from the classical station followed me from the house as I walked out on our deck and looked up at the night sky. We'd been having warm weather and windless evenings, and no humidity at the end of summer in the northern hemisphere.

It's a pity that it's so hard to catch the deer in the darkness, for that's the time they love Deer Haven the most.  Two nights ago they settled down under the apple trees while we were eating dinner on the deck.  Our trees are mature enough (and wild enough) to withstand their feedings. 

There are too many apples for either of us to finish, and we didn't get to all of the plums either.  The golden globes are still hanging, spiked as champagne, on the branches.

I started teaching art history at a school in the area, so my art is coming more slowly than I thought it would.  (I always think I can do everything at once!)  The drawings are coming, but not as soon as I'd thought.

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1 Response to Full Moon

  1. homayoun says:

    very beautiful 😉

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