Current Covet

Now I know we all are not supposed to covet, but these pens are so tempting.  My munchkins found them first in a Japanese Manga class.  I'm jealous because they blend.   That means I can do a whole drawing in pen, not having to switch back and forth with colored pencil and watercolor.  Now, I know that this doesn't necessarily rock your world, but paper is a funny thing.  Paper is either made to absorb water or repel water.  When I use watercolor paper, it is bumpy and absorbs the extra water.  That's great, but to make my pen lines I need smooth paper.  So, if I have blendable pens, I can use smooth paper and still get the look of watercolor blending…

Anyway, I am still happy with what I have, enough so that there are new original animals in the works.  I should have a new one done for you by next Thursday.


I took this shot a little while ago.  If you enlarge them (click on the photo) you'll see that they look like tiny minarettes.  I liked the sculptural architectural feel.  I also love that they are so tiny.  (What I don't exactly love is that they are dental drill bits.)  However, they were going in my munchkin's mouth at the time, not mine…

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2 Responses to Current Covet

  1. Kacy says:

    Yous' got something against dentists? Sometimes, it's a lot more difficult than it looks.

  2. Kacy says:

    Oh,yeah. I've heard of these pens too. They're supposed to be really expensive(?). The ink's made from the blood of unicorns or something.

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