Sweet Thursday

The Dutch have swept through the house (literally) and it’s clean as a whistle.  It’s so clean, I think can work on other things for a good six months before doing it again! 

Yesterday I got a note from my cousin Kristi about a teddy bear day she’s hosting at her shop in Glendale. 

Our Teddy decided that he needed a backpack to celebrate the day in his honor, so I whipped one up. 

Also, my birthday has fallen on my favorite day this year, so I’m also offering to make a little something for you!  If you send me a note with the word “Birthday” in the subject line, I’ll send you a sweet surprise.

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2 Responses to Sweet Thursday

  1. Have you got a website that displays your lovely work?

  2. Rosemoor says:

    I have my etsy site at http://www.rosemoor.etsy.com and this one. I also have a website at http://www.rosemoor.net, but it is currently dormant and just points you back to the Etsy site for now. Thanks for asking!

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