4th Eve

It's the eve of "America's" independance and I'm scrubbing the house for the Dutch invasion.  All of "rabbit's friends and relations" were going to Pooh's party and all of mine are coming to "Deer Haven".  It will become a mini outpost for tea three times a day (I thought we'd thrown it all in the harbor…) and very very clean house.   This will allow me to sneak off and make some art in my studio while everyone else is sneaking around cleaning out my kitchen drawers. 

I've been gathering photos for a Dutch themed book to make with www.mypublisher.com . One of my girlfriends made one and it turned out so nice and on heavy stock paper, so I thought I'd try my hand at it too.

There were three deer eating off of my apple trees tonight in the orchard.  My trees are big enough to handle it so I wasn't too worried.  (We ended up throwing away three big bags of apples last year as I wasn't able to keep up with all the peeling.)  Of course, they left before I had the chance to snap

 their photos or you would have seen them here. 

However, I did catch a few photos of a "baby" the other day.  I think he's the one we call Plum because he likes our plums so much.  (His mother is Apple, I'm sure you can guess why.) 

I hope you are enjoying your summer, your company, and your travel.

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