The photo in the last post was taken directly under the tower, and this one from the front.  I love the photography, taken by a friend of mine.  What strikes me about the two photos together is that things change with perspective.

Most artists try to show a fresh perspective on everyday thoughts with some of their work.  Sometimes it's just playing with the way you see a color, like the "orange things" below, or simply exploring with a new type of creating, but most of the time, there is a message behind an artist's work.

Perspectives change as you change as well.  Age, finances, death, birth, travel, friends, health, so many many things change our way of perceiving life and beyond it.

On another subject, I've been working on the little house some more.  I think it's going to turn into multiple houses.  It's turning out very cute.  Did someone say "what about the deer? the stuffed creature? the art quilt…"  Yes, they are all still in process.  I'll try not to add any more until I finish some up and list them on for you.

I love fonts, especially very "french romantic" looking fonts.  If you run across one and want to send it to me I would not be the least bit ungrateful.  I think I'm craving a new one.



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