do you know…

what this is?  If so, tell me about it and what it brings to mind for you. 

I've been wanting to work on the deer drawing, but my unresurrected laptop is still on the to-do list for my data base administrator.  I can not even begin to plumb the depths of how to get files off of a machine with no working video driver.

So, instead, I've been stitching up a little something from a vintage patten and making my own changes.  He's only half finished and, as such, does not wish to show himself yet.  (He still needs stuffing.)

I also have a house that has been trying to get me to make it.  It's been dancing around in my head all week.  I've finally given in and cut it out (this one is of paper) but it will take me a while to "decorate" it.  In it's place, I'll show you a building that inspires me.  La Fabrica is a series of buildings that have been transformed from a cement factory to a home and architectural firm's headquarters.



Architecture is quite a part of my work as a fine artist.  It is often a reference point for me and I also draw on the years of architectural drafting studies that I did in college for the patterning on my animals and other surfaces.  This particular building speaks to me because it is an abandoned, environmentally abusive place that has been reclaimed.  I admit, I'm a hopeless romantic for reclaiming all kinds of things.  The downside of reclaimation is my hording habit, the upside are houses that I've helped reclaim from drug ridden neighborhoods.  I see every empty big box store as an opportunity for a new forrest!



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1 Response to do you know…

  1. Kacy says:

    The photo reminds me of the time when flew into a tiny crevice, shot some lasers and blew up the Deathstar.

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