Dear Deer


I found my little deer drawing, on my favorite day, Thursday, naturally.  I will start working on her background this week. 

I've watched two movies about determination lately, Rudy most recently and Cinderella Man a few weeks ago.  I don't care for either football or boxing, so it was delicious to see both directors rise above their focus on a respective sport, to their applicable life lesson. I so appreciate it when people are able to reach outside their own circle of knowledge and tie into where others are at an empathetic level.

I'm in the middle of the Phantom of the Opera right now, (read EMPATHY) but I'm more delighted with the sparkling colors… and intriguing questions such as "Where did Christine Daae find such lovely stars for her hair on the opening night of La Carlota?"  Ah, I know, such depth to my questioning…

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1 Response to Dear Deer

  1. MEANMAGENTA says:

    Hi! Many thanks for your message! I think your dear deer is imply Gorgeous! Funny, Thusday is my favourite day too, don't know why, but it is, we are funny creatures! Keep well and keep up the good work! Paola

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