Spring colors in another version of reality

A Danish/German version of spring.  I was so entranced by this field of flowers last spring that I had to take some closeup shots to see how they made all of these little creations.  They are in the colors that I love to work with, bright reds, oranges, pinks and pale blues.  I'd been known to squirrel away my brothers legos to create my own creations, but I would have loved to have my own sets with these colors!


I think my favorites are these "castley" looking "flowers". 

I saw a new spring view today as I was crossing my meadow.  A baby deer with her/his mother.  I've been working on a drawing of a deer as well, but I've misplaced it after returning from my sister's. The "joy" of having an artist's organizational skills…

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One Response to Spring colors in another version of reality

  1. clockwork says:

    holy cow! that's amazing. so fun and creative, i can completely understand why you were drawn to it.

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