Mini Studio


I love presents.  I love getting them, to be sure, but I probably love giving them more.  I love to try and figure out what someone would REALLY like, search all over the world for it, and wrap it perfectly.  Big silky ribbons, beautiful boxes, or better yet, a container that can be reused, and occasionally, a card, if it's handmade. ( I don't like to make or give cards or wrappings that will just be thrown away.) 

I was so delighted when I found this little writing desk.  It looked like a little present box made of wood. For a long while it has served as a repository for all things to do with writing, but I've decided to remake it into my mini drawing studio.  I saw it allign perfectly with this shaft of light and think that it will be just the right lighting for drawing.

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2 Responses to Mini Studio

  1. clockwork says:

    i know what you mean about finding that perfect thing! i love hunting through garage sales and flea markets for unexpected treasures.

  2. TheLos says:

    Thanks for the comment, yeah mostly my characters are sponsored by ADIDAS lol I'm still not use to drawing women, so my Wonder Woman is lacking in the Wo part.

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