Wild One


My apple trees face me each morning with their dischieveled appearance.  I looked at them for a long while and took a deep breath.  With spring's arrival, they were due for a long awaited trim.  As the mist evaporated this morning, I zipped up my tall boots, shouldered the long pole of the pruners and strode across the field.  Hours later I stepped back and observed that I'd only removed the tangles from one small section of branches.  I had to remind myself that Rome and wild tree hair did not grow in a day.  In fact, from the look of the extra weight the trees were carrying, I'd guess it was ten years growth.  The pruning  was good hard work and my muscles appreciated it today.  They'll be grumbling tomorrow.

My "Dreamdoor" watercolor piece shown in my last post will list on Etsy at 9pm on Friday night, west coast time.  You will find it at www.rosemoor.etsy.com.

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1 Response to Wild One

  1. 1ben says:

    look like a beautiful place. i love trees

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