A Beautiful Life

My new niece decided to arrive here before I could reach her mother.

She's beautiful, of course.  My sisters and I are all hovering over her while her daddy gets a few precious moments in between us.  He's a newbie, but he's learning quickly.  We on the other hand have many years of babying between us.  Quick hands hold quivering legs, waving arms and neatly tuck them into a swaddling wrap where they can not escape to cause distress.  Mouths are held just so to reach the nourishing milk.  Open eyes are cooed to until they slip silently and blissfully back into REM. 

I'm working on another "baby" piece, a fawn, who will make her debut when she's done…

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2 Responses to A Beautiful Life

  1. Jonathan says:

    Excellent post… it brought to mind a piece of music called "The Greatest Discovery" – I think it appears on the Elton John "Live in Australia" album – not at all like anything else he has ever done, and quite wonderful.

  2. Rosemoor says:

    I had not heard that one before, but it is so sweetly written and the music so elegant! It's right up the alley of what I enjoy, thank you!

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