Duckling Deary

Here is a little spring baby for you!  You can see that I found a little tree swing to be his "paradise view" in the cutout under his wing.  It will be posted on sometime soon, my first Original ACEO to go up. I'll let you know right before I do it, so make sure that you subscribe (on the left side of my vox page) if you are interested.

I will be leaving on a plane tonight to take me far, far away to my sis and her first baby.  She's sooooo cute.  I'm sure it will inspire more artwork so I'm packing up my paints and pencils.

My baby and I went to Powells the other day.  (VDP very dangerous place) for my visa card.  After 30 minutes in front of the Asterix and Obelix and Tintin rounders, he was ready to go.  I bought him off and bought myself 10 minutes in front of the art magazines.  (It was SO worth it because I came away with the December issue of marie claire idees and Habitania.)  I hummed happily on my way to sugar him up at a gellato shop.

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2 Responses to Duckling Deary

  1. I love this artwork! I also love your banner. What a lovely blog. I shall be back to visit again. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

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