A new creature is stirring

I'm so excited!  Today I finished a new little creature.  It is a baby creature and is trying to blend in quite a bit with his background.  I am excited to see through his "window" but I can't find my exacto blades at 12:30pm and I need to go to bed.  So, I have to wait just like you do, for tomorrow.  I'm always so curious to see "who" my little creatures really are, what their slice of paradise looks like.  So, while we are waiting for them to emerge, write to me about your favorite surprises.  I get surprises every day, most of them lovely.  After my accident I had calls, emails, a girlfriend who registered me for classes, and a care package. (Always lovely!) I also had a friend who hunted down a favorite recipie of mine from another friend and made up a huge pot of salmon chowder. Yum!  and so sweet.  What surprises do you love?




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