Goodbye my love


This blog is supposed to chase away the bad, comfort the sad, and cheer the faint of heart.  However, my sparking art is on hold for a stint.  I lost my Expedition to black ice and two semi's this last Saturday.  The chiropractor will be working on me for a while and I will have to go shopping for a new car instead of art supplies.  That said, I am very thankful.  I had one of my little ones in the car with me and we are both alive and not even in the hospital.  (I will be buying the same car again, thank you, for as long as there are semi's on the highways.)  I can't type too long at this point, so, more when I'm improving.

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1 Response to Goodbye my love

  1. RondaSsss says:

    Thank the Lord above that you are alight. Cars can be replaced. You can't, nor can your little one.

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