Pit of Despair

The Fly Lady calls them “hot spots”, I call them Pits of Despair. I’m addressing areas in your house where things multiply like bunnies, like the table right inside the front door, the edge of the kitchen counter, the dining room table… you know the spot I’m talking about. I’m taking on the one nearest … More Pit of Despair

Climbing Roses

When we moved into this nondescript little grey house, the bushes hunkered down against the cold, the weeds spread their wings wide and water pooled in murky grass along the entire north side of the house.  We’ve since hand-dug trenches inside the foundation wall and installed sump pumps, laboriously machine dug a French drain, and … More Climbing Roses

Simple Summer Eating

With as many mouths in the house as I have, “Easy Summer Eating” becomes overwhelming.  I stand in front of all the raw veggies in my refrigerator and my mind goes blank. I try to plan meals.  No other planner follows the same method of my madness, though.  My eating pattern is very light at the beginning of the week and … More Simple Summer Eating

The Grand Escape

I’m caught in the circle of life.  Not the grand circle of birth and life and death, but the ones that run inside the grand scheme.  The whirlpools that run every day.  I stripped the laundry off 7 beds, and started the long process of washing.  We went to a party, got groceries and came … More The Grand Escape

Father Child Camp

When the munchkins were little, there was a magical weekend in the middle of the summer.  On this weekend, they would pack up their tent and backpacks and drive away to a camp.  At this camp there was a director who would plan events for daddies and their little ones to  stay active with all … More Father Child Camp

Advent Day One

I was fussing to my sister that Christmas flies by so fast without half the things done that I wished I had done.  She filled me in on a little secret.  “My advent calendar is not little toys, but notes with activities on them so we don’t miss the things we love each year.” Oh. … More Advent Day One